The Idea Phase of a potential 36in36 Project

Embarking on a journey to transform your challenges into innovative web and IoT solutions.

Idea Submission

Share your problem statements with a focus on potential web and IoT solutions. Our "What's Your Problem?" platform invites ideas that can be creatively addressed through modern technology.

Feasibility Analysis

Every submission undergoes a thorough feasibility check, ensuring practicality and technical viability within the realms of IoT devices and web development.

Community and Expert Insights

Join the conversation in our community forums, and gain insights from panels of experts in IoT and web development. It's a collaborative space for refining and enhancing ideas.

Prototype and MVP Development

Leading ideas are brought to life through initial prototypes or MVPs, using cutting-edge technology and design thinking, focusing on usability and user experience.

Market Research and Trends

Deep dive into market research, tailored to the specific needs of IoT and web development sectors. We aim to understand current demands, competitive landscapes, and future trends.

Feedback and Iteration

Community feedback is our guiding star. We iterate on ideas and prototypes based on user input, striving to align our solutions closely with real-world needs and preferences.