Redefining Team Assembly with 36in36

Transforming the conventional approach to team building by leveraging the 36in36 platform for collaborative, task-oriented online teamwork.

Online Task Listings

On the 36in36 platform, tasks are listed online, allowing members to choose what they work on. This approach democratizes the process of team assembly, enabling members to engage with tasks that align with their skills and interests.

Dynamic Team Formation

Teams organically form around tasks and projects. This dynamic approach to team assembly fosters a fluid and adaptive working environment, where collaboration evolves naturally based on project needs.

Skill-Based Participation

Members contribute based on their unique skills and expertise. The platform facilitates a skill-based matching system, ensuring the right talent is engaged for each specific task.

Virtual Collaboration Spaces

Virtual collaboration spaces within the platform allow team members to communicate, share ideas, and work together seamlessly, regardless of geographical boundaries.

Real-Time Task Progress Tracking

Track progress on tasks in real-time. This transparency ensures all team members are updated on the development and status of various tasks, fostering accountability and collaboration.

Feedback and Improvement Loop

Continuous feedback is integrated into the process. Team members can provide and receive feedback on tasks, enabling ongoing improvement and skill development.

Flexible Role Dynamics

Roles on the team are flexible and can evolve as the project progresses. This fluidity allows team members to adapt and shift focus as needed, encouraging diverse experiences and growth.

Community Driven Approach

The platform’s community-driven approach ensures that team assembly is not just about completing tasks but also about building relationships and fostering a collaborative community spirit.